The Jon

Japanese Weather

Ever wondered what the weather was like in Japan? Planning on coming to Japan? Read on to hear about what the weather is like througout the year…Now it is August, one of the hottest months in Japan. I live near the Tokyo area, so that is what I will be talking about. It is very near to the ocean so there is a LOT of humidity (almost always 75% or higher it seems). And this is also the time for typhoons to come to Japan. They start out south and west, but will work there way to the east side as the typhoon season progresses.

I used to live in St. Louis, and it was humid there… but it feels a little different. Must be because of the ocean. When I go home on my lunch break, I sit in front of my fan but I still sweat so bad. If I don’t sleep with the A/C or fan on all night, when I wake up I’m sweating. When I went to Oosaka last weekened, it was even hotter than the Tokyo area. Around 37 degrees Celsius or so.

After August, it starts to slowly cool down. September is when it feels nice and there are lots of nice scenery too. I live near Hakone, which I have heard is a popular place to go to see the leaves changing colors. I’ll have to try and check it out sometime!

Then comes the dreaded winter. Most Japanese houses and apartments don’t have much insolation so it gets rather cold inside as well. That’s why I have a kotatsu! Take a look at the picture gallery (have to go back in the archives) to see what my old apartment and kotatsu looked like. In this area, it very rarely snows… I’ve seen snow on the ground only once in the past 2 years, and that was only a dusting. But, on the other side of the mountains (30 min by car or so) they get a lot of snow sometimes.

Finally, after the winter comes spring. Spring is a great time to see cherry blossoms and they have lots of different flower festivals. That’s my favorite time of year, really nice weather until summer comes. Also in the summer (July) there is a rainy season. Sometimes it will rain everyday for a week or more… yuck.

Well, I’m gonna call it quits now, hope you enjoyed hearing about the 4 seasons in Japan.