The Jon

Riding a Bike in a Typhoon...

So, on Thursday there was a very strong typhoon that came to the Tokyo area. I was so hungry after work, that I had to go out to the store. Read on to hear more about this adventure…I heard that there was a typhoon coming to the area, but didn’t think much about it. The last time they said that, it ended up bypassing us and we had nothing. So, I finished work around 8pm and the store was open until 9pm. I went back to my house and debated whether to go or not. I had no food at all for dinner, and any of the 3 meals for Friday, so I ended up going. Right before I left, I heard some sirens. I wasn’t sure what they meant, but now I think they are to warn you the strongest part of the typhoon is coming.

As I left my apartment, the storm seemed to be getting stronger.. but by then I had 30 minutes before the store closed. It was downpouring pretty badly, so I was riding my bike while holding my umbrella. I always do that to keep fairly dry. As I was going down the ride, I had to stop many times becuase the wind was just too strong for me to move with my umbrella. They said the winds reached up to 67 mph (108 km/h). The river near my house was kinda scary… I have never seen it that high and soooo fast. I have no doubt that if someobody fell into it, they wouldn’t be able to get it. Usually it is a peaceful river, but this time was too strong. And it had a small slope, but cuz it had so much water and moving quickly, it made HUGE waves. I’ve never seen waves in a river… maybe it is like one of those white water rafting places.

So, I made it to the store in time to get some food. It’s usually busy, but that night there were more employees than customers. I felt kinda dumb going to by food there in the middle of a huge typhoon, but I needed it!

After I bought my food, I started my adventure back to my apartment. It was the same as the way there, except the wind broke my umbrella. Made it go inside it, and took the plastic cover off of it. So now I just have a broken metal frame. Needless to say, I got completely drenched. It was raining even harder on my way home and I had to ride my bike without anything to keep me dry. The first thing I did when I got home was put on some clean clothes, then eat dinner!

This wasn’t the first typhoon I’ve ridden my bike in with my umbrella, but this was by far the strongest I have ever seen. I can’t imagine what the huricanes are like in Florida.

Well, time to go… be careful if you find yourself in a typhoon in Japan someday!