The Jon

Huge Snake!

This isn’t my snake or anybody I know, it was in the news in Japan. Just thought it was interesting though! The police received a phone calla bout a 50 cm snake (19.6 inches), but in reality it was 4 meters (13.1 feet!) long. Read on for more… It was an Indian Python (from India, Sri Lanka, or Southern China). It took 5 policemen to catch the monster. These snakes do pose some danger, they do not have poison, but they are meat-eaters. So, when you get one of these snakes, you have to get permission from the local government. The police said that all the registered people in the prefecture (only 3 people actually) still were in possession of their snakes. So they believe someone had taken care of this dangerous snake illegally. Then the person wanted to get ride of it and threw it away. That or it ran away. So, aparently there are some problems with illegal animals being sold on the underground market. Hmm… let’s see if I can find out more info about it so I can get an illegal snake.. Shhh.. don’t tell Yukari, it’s gonna be a surprise!