The Jon

Eating Sukiyaki and Nabe Already

It may have just been summer, but it seems to be quickly becoming winter. I’ve been having some traditional winter dinners recently, skipping most of the autumn food. Read on for more…A few weeks ago, it got pretty cool suddenly. There are still some hot days though, actually last weekend went up to about 30°C! But, with Yukari’s family I have been eating some traditional winter foods such as Sukiyaki and Nabe. Sukiyaki is a kind of stew I guess. You are supposed to eat it with expensive meat and have some vegetables with it. Then you dip it into a bowl that has a raw egg and eat it. It’s soooo good! I have a magazine that describes sukiyaki, I’ll try to translate it and put it on here another time.My other favorite winter food is Nabe, specifically Kimuchi Nabe. Kimuchi Nabe is rather spicy, and I love to eat it with Yukari! She makes it taste the best. Tonight, I had a miso based Nabe. Nabe literally means “pan”, but in this sense it is vegetables and meat (or fish) boiled together. My favorite contents are tofu, nira, pork, and kimuchi!If you ever go to a Japanese restraunt and they have either of these foods, please give it a try!Ahh… but my favorite fall foods are kaki and sanma. I haven’t had any kaki yet, but have had sanma a few times! Anyways, enough about Japanese food.. time for bed. If you have any questions about Japanese food, post a comment and either I or Yukari will reply.