The Jon

Waiting for Yukari...

Hey, what’s up? I’m ready to go shopping, but I’ve been waiting for Yukari to wake up! When she sleeps she is such a baby… I tried to get her up, but she was like “NOOOOOO” and grabbed the futon so I couldn’t pick her up… what a jackass! But she looks so cute when she sleeps, so I can’t wake her up. But I wanted to go shopping and take her out for a nice dinner tonight. I was thinking of eating Yakiniku tonight.. but we’ll see what happens!

Update (1 hour 20 minutes later) Well, I guess it’s my fault… it was my idea to lay down before we go out, and Yukari kept saying no. I now see why, she’s still asleep! Little baby Yukari… haha Well, I’ll take her out for Yakiniku tomorrow or Monday night!