The Jon

New Site Design

Well, I got tired of the old design, so I switched to Wordpress and have this setup. I think I’ll be modifying it a lil bit more, but I think it looks better already! It will also help stop the massive amounts of spam that I have been getting recently.

In other news, I’ll have Fiber (Hikari) soon, so just a month more until I get my 100mbps up/down link going. That should speed this site up a lil bit! We’ll be putting new pictures on here soon, probably this weekend. We’ve been having a busy New Year, in case you couldn’t guess.

As for a new features, the photo gallery is now accessible from the Gallery tab at the top! It is built-in to the main page, so should feel a bit better. Also, the “my” links are all my links I bookmark, but the ones shown here are mainly political ones. Feel free to check out all my bookmarks, and add me to your network as well.