The Jon

Short Update

I just realized that it has been ages since I updated this. Guess I have been too busy with things to update, but I’ll add some pictures this weekend. I’ve been busy with work and Yukari has been busy looking for a job. She’ll be graduating next year, but she almost has enough credits so she rarely goes to school it seems. As for me, I finally played some Futsal last week. Since it was such a long time, my legs were sore for the next few days. Plus I have been working on a new project, which I hope to release this summer. It is mainly a chess related web site, but it gave me an idea for a better version that I will work on next. I’ll talk about it a bit more as I get closer to releasing it.

Hmm, not much to say today… and I wanted to go to bed early today, so I guess this is it for now!