The Jon

UPS Backup

I finally got around to installing a UPS Backup on my server and network. Now if I lose electricity, for whatever reason, the server and internet connection will stay up for approximately 20 minutes. If it gets close to 20 minutes, the UPS will shutdown the server and firewall gracefully. Before I had this, the server and firewally would just shutdown. That always made me nervous, but it only happened a few times. I always kept backups of everything important… but still wasn’t a nice feeling in the stomach.

And it is also good to get protection against lightning. I used to live in a place in Illinois that was a magnet for lightning. We lost a few electronics (including 1 computer). I remember one time, I was rushing around the house to unplug all the electronics, then ZAP! I unplugged an old computer and opened it up to literally see smoke coming from the power supply. I ended up buying a power supply on Ebay, and it was too big, so it wouldn’t fit in the case. By that time, the computer was going on 6 years old, so it was quite hard to find a power supply. So I just kept the actual power supply on top of the computer and used it like that. It served as my firewall until I moved to Japan, and now I guess it is somewhere in my dad’s house.

Long story short, that won’t be happening to my server. Which is good, since I’m running the following servers: