The Jon

Going to Guam

We are now getting ready to go to Guam! Yukari and I haven’t left Japan in a few years, so we decided to take opportunity of a very cheap tour package to guam. Including airfare, hotel, taxes, fuel, and whatever the airlines charge these days it is only about 40,000 yen per person! Guam is only about a 3 hour flight from Japan, so it is much closer than other tropical islands like Hawaii. So far, our current plan is to take a tour, go jet skiing, go parasailing, do some snorkeling and other beach activities! We will only be there for a little bit, so not much time for sleeping. I guess I’ll be bringing my laptop with me, so I can upload pictures at night. Anyways we are looking forward to it and are already getting some stuff ready! It’ll be nice to have a vacation, especially in a new place.