The Jon

Going to Climb Mt. Fuji

img_5933.jpgHere I am after getting my backpack ready to climb Mt. Fuji! We will leave tomorrow morning and take train and bus to go halfway up Mt. Fuji. Then we will start the 5-8 hour trek up to the top. Mt. Fuji is 3776 meters high, so it will be a bit of a challenge, but I hope we can get some really nice pictures, especially of the sun coming up in the morning. The sun will rise around 4:45am, the earliest in all of Japan. I borrowed the bag from one of my co-workers, and it is just the right size 40 liters. I got lots of water, some cans of oxygen, coat, change of clothes, and some other things. And even though Tokyo will be around 36 degrees tomorrow, we will be near 0 – 10 degrees. So, should be nice and cool. Well, I better get going to bed as we will have a long trip up the mountain tomorrow. We will be spending the night in a hut, but won’t be sleeping for very long. We will make sure to take lots of pictures and post about the experience when we get back. So check back soon!