The Jon

Trip Back Home

America 2007On September 11th, 2007 Yukari and I went back to the States for a week. In just one short week we:

- Went to Chicago

- Ate Chicago-style pizza and hot dogs

- Visited my dad and brother in Indiana

- Rented a charter boat and went fishing on Lake Erie

- Caught a bunch of walleye (and got a little sick...)

- Visited my family in Cleveland

- Went back to my dad's house in Indiana

It was a lot of driving and riding trains and airplanes, but it was worth it. It really was too short, and everyday was lots of fun. I hope to go back soon and spend some more time. Well, check out our pictures of our trip back home. We got over a hundred, and will be uploading videos soon. I’ll update this page again when they are done.