The Jon

Hawaii Day 1

Here goes the “report” about our first day in Hawaii!

We left Tokyo on Saturday, Feb 9th around 9pm. We were a little worried about the weather, but it was just rainy. Fortunately it didn’t turn into snow and we were able to leave Japan without any incident. I think we both fell asleep very quickly, but Yukari made sure to wake up for dinner and breakfast. When we arrived at Honolulu Airport, they gave us some sea shell necklaces to wear, I was hoping for a lei though. They then took us to Waikiki by bus to tell us about the tour packages and stuff. Hotel check-in was at noon, so we looked at some stores and I bought a Hawaiian Shirt right away! After looking at a few more places we checked-in and went to our hotel room.

We were able to put all our bags in the hotel, so we decided to go out for lunch. We found a grill and bar near our hotel that was called Moose McGillycuddy’s.  Yukari ordered HALF of a chicken and I got a huge mushroom cheeseburger.  After lunch, we called to get a limo to take us to a shopping center. We got a nice picture of us and the limo after we arrived, thanks to the driver offering to take a picture for us! We didn’t really buy anything, but then checked out a few other places. In the end, I bought some more shirts and Yukari bought some nice Hawaiian dresses. Here is a quick picture of all the stuff we bought the first day:

After that, it was time to check out the block party they were having for the Pro Bowl. They closed down the streets for the Pro Bowl party. They must have closed down around 10 blocks for the approximately 60,000 people that were expected. We walked and saw all the stages and stuff and then we got some shrimp for dinner! It felt so nice to sit on the beach on a warm night eating some shrimp. After that, we looked around at a few more stores on the way back to the hotel and decided to get some sleep since we would have an early day the next day.