The Jon

Hawaii Day 2

After getting a little rest from our first day in Hawaii, we woke up around 6am to start getting ready for the Pro Bowl. Kickoff was at 11:30am, but I wanted to get there early for the tailgate party they were having. Plus it would take around one hour to get to the stadium from where our hotel was. We got a lite breakfast and were out of the hotel around 7:30am. The bus stop was right across the street and a bus was waiting for us! So it was a smooth start, and we had an hour on the bus to take a look at all the places we drove by. Plenty of nice scenery along the way, since it was Hawaii! The bus dropped us off in front of what seemed like a big party going on:

This seemed like the place to be, so we headed over and were greeted by some people dancing on top of a school bus. Yukari pointed the camera at them and they posed for her!

So, we headed over to enter the gates and found out that it had a $200 entrance fee per person! Well, there wasn’t much to think about and we left. Apparently, that was (as the big sign said) THE OFFICIAL NFL Tailgate party. We walked back to the stadium and took a look around outside and we got quite hungry from the smells of all the people barbecuing. Even though it was around 9am, it looked like people had been there eating and drinking for quite some time. By then, the NFL sponsored tailgate party was starting in the parking lot. This one was free, so of course we went to it!

There were some mascots, but we didn’t get any pictures with them unfortunately. Our first order of business was getting some food to eat. They had some pizza, but then we found this taco truck. So, we got some tacos. Yukari loved putting hot sauce on heres… I thought she put a little too much. And she did, she was complaining her mouth was on fire so I had to buy her a drink! Mine was just right, with the right amount of Jalepeno peppers:

After we ate, we sat around and listened to some of the bands playing. Then it was time to head into the stadium and find our seats. I wanted to get there a little bit early to see them warming up. It was my first football game in about 4 or 5 years. We climbed up to the upper deck, but stopped for a really nice picture of the view from the stadium and even the stadium itself was so nice on such a sunny day:

The game was fun, I won’t go into detail about it here because you are better off reading it from a sports website. Here are a few videos that were nice. First one was the national anthem, then a fly over, then part of the half time show. If you want to see more videos, check out my YouTube page. Anyways here are a few videos:

And then, here was what I had for lunch. It was a footlong, but actually MUCH bigger than whatI expected:

Even the people sitting around me were surprised by the size of this! But it was really nice tasting meat, and not bad for only like $9 or so. After the game we went to the airport to visit my aunt Lark and her family that were staying in Hawaii Island. We planned to go to Hawaii at the same time, so we would visit them for a few days and they would visit us for a few days in Oahu. Anyways, here’s a picture of what Honolulu, Waikiki and Diamond Head look like from the airplane. And then one of what Hawaii Island looks like.

We arrived at Kona, and Lark and Jim picked us up. We went back to their place and Raul cooked some curry for dinner and then we relaxed. Later on we went to their jacuzzi to relax some more before getting kicked out of there by a man in a golf cart. So we finished the night off with a few drinks on the balcony before retiring for the night. Day 2 was over, but we were all looking forward Day 3 where we would see the ocean and volcano park in Hawaii!