The Jon

After the Move

Well, it has been a little while since I updated this, so I figured it was about time. I finally got the internet a little over a week ago so I have been a bit busy working on some stuff and playing with the net as well. I got a new desk for my computers, so I setup Synergy to use. It is really nice as it allows me to use 1 keyboard/mouse for all the computers. Makes more efficient use of the screen space since before I was using VNC. Anyways, we’ll get some pictures of our apartment soon and I can talk more about it then!

Yukari has started working at Hilton now. She was one of around 40 people chosen out of 1600 applicants.Plus, she seems to have gotten lucky and put into a position that isn’t as hard as she thought it would be! In fact, most new graduates don’t get into that position, they have to work a few years before that. But, she still has to work on the weekends. So on the weekends I have been staying home working on the computer, playing some Wii, and relaxing. Since I’m home all day, I figured it would be nice to make Yukari dinner. I’m not much of a cook though. Tonight, I tried making some Swedish Meatballs, and it turned out really well actually! I couldn’t believe that I made it by myself :P So here is a picture of it:

The night before I grilled us up some Sirloin Steaks with garlic and lime. That was really good, plus really easy to cook ;) Sorry, but no pictures of that. We will have some pictures to put up in the next few days of Yukari’s graduation and her 23rd birthday (it was on the 11th). And of course some of the new apartment!