The Jon

20th Centry Boys

If you have me as a contact on Facebook, then you are probably aware that I’m reading a manga called 20世紀少年 (20th Century Boys). I’m not sure if they have an English version somewhere, I’ll leave that up to you to find. But the story is about these kids back in the late 60’s who make a secret hangout and they make a book about what is going to happen in the future, in which they have to save the world from an evil robot that has come to kill all people. When they get older, someone starts doing all the bad things that they wrote about, and people start dying mysteriously. The story is quite long, but is very good. I should be done with it by this week, and am happy to see that they are making a movie out of the story! It will be a 3 part movie, and the first one is expected to open at the end of August this year.

As I was looking through on the website, they were looking for extras. So me and a friend from work sent out an application to be in it. They replied and asked what days we want, and I sent that off and am now waiting for final confirmation. Besides being in the movie (!), I’ll get a free t-shirt and maybe some other stuff. Maybe I’ll send out an application for the next 2 movies when they start recording. Should be fun stuff!

Anyways, here is a short trailer that they just released the other day.