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Clinton Still "Winning"

Just a short note, as I am still recovering from a cold. Clinton has been going on and on about how she will still stay in the race if she wins the “next” one. She picks an easy state for her to win, one that has been predicted to be a landslide in her favor for months in advance. And then she wins that and loses others, but still has the courage to say she is winning. The media doesn’t help any by portraying that she has a  small chance, when in fact she has been out of the race since Super Tuesday basically. So her current plan is to make Obama unvoteable so she can run against McCain in 2012. I just wish the American media would finally get a clue that everyone isn’t stupid.

I bet our founding fathers would be turning in their graves if they saw what freedom has turned out to mean. But that is a whole different story in itself. Anyways, here is a site that has some numbers about how many states Obama has won with a 20%+ margin. And I’ll give you a clue, it is more than the 3 of Clinton! Enjoy: Clinton Gets Meaningless Victory In West Virginia | Hillary Clinton Tags: politics