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7.2 Earthquake

I woke up this morning and was having breakfast, when all of a sudden at 8:43am I started to feel dizzy. It felt like everything was moving, and then I realized that everything really was moving. It was just a small earthqauke, or so it seemed, but I turned on the TV to see what the report was.

After waiting a few minutes, it said it was a 7.0 earthquake about 380km north of Tokyo. Perhaps a picture can say it better:

So far, 2 people have died and over a hundred have been injured. In addition, the magnitude has been upgraded to 7.2

22 people on a bus on the way to the airport got injured. Apparently a 7.2 earthquake will make the cars and buses literally jump. Another good reason to wear a seatbelt, huh? The people that weren’t wearing seatbelts got thrown into the air about 4 times. Even the ones that were wearing seatbelts had some injuries though…

There have been lots of news reports since this happened and we will see how it turns out. There have been many after shocks, occurring approximately every 7 minutes or so from the looks of it at Yahoo! Weather’s Earthquake reports. Some of these aftershocks are 5 magnitude quakes in themselves.

Anyways, Yukari and I are fine… just hope it doesn’t get worse and all the people get the help they need. Tags: japan, earthquake