The Jon

Got Married!

Yukari and I took days off from work yesterday and today (July 3rd and 4th) to get married! We went to her parents’ house on the night of the 2nd to do a Japanese tradition called 結納 (yuinou) and got everyone’s blessings. The next day we woke up fairly early to say thanks and bye to her dad and sister before they left for work, then we got ready and headed back home.

We dropped a few things off at our apartment then went to get some sushi for lunch. After that it was to the city office to file the paperwork! The people working there were very helpful and everything went smoothly. So after not much time, we submitted the paperwork to get married and have Yukari’s last name changed! It was kinda strange seeing her name without kanji, and with my name in katakana, but I’m sure we will get used to it ;)

After that it was off to the Ritz-Carlton to celebrate! You may remember that 2 months ago, we went to the Ritz-Carlton, but this time was for something even more special… to celebrate getting married! We stayed at the club lounge again, and everything was great. This time I had the whole day off, so we spent more time together. After spending somet in the lounge, we went back to our room, and could have such a nice view of Tokyo Tower:

Shortly after that, the doorbell rang and Yukari answered it. I heard her say we didn’t order something, and they said it was from the hotel. They carried in a fruit tray to celebrate our marriage, which was very nice!

We then spent some time walking around Roppongi Hills and seeing some stuff. After that it was getting to be time for dinner, so we went back to the club lounge for drinks and food. Here is a pretty good picture Yukari took of what it looked like

Then we went back to our room and were greeted by a cake! It was a Cassis Mousse Cake, and really good! Not too sweet, just right.

Anyways, check out the rest of our pictures. We will be having the ceremony in Hawaii in November of this year and everyone is looking forward to it!