The Jon

Big Storm = No Internet

Well, summer is here in Japan. At first, it seemed liked it would never come, but then all of a sudden everyday got so hot and humid. Today it got up to around 92 degrees with humidity of over 80%. Let’s just say that was hot. And then around 3pm it started to downpour and have so much thunder and lightning. I unplugged the antenna from the TV, just to be safe. I have lost too many electronics to lightning already…

Then a bright flash of lightning came, quickly followed by some rumbling thunder. Next thing I knew, I was no longer connected to the internet. I was using my laptop with wireless internet at the time, so I knew my laptop was in fine condition. I checked the router, and it seemed fine. It had a flashing light, which meant the connection from my apartment to the ISP was down somewhere.

I tried calling my ISP a few hours later, but after waiting on hold for 15 minutes just gave up and started making dinner. After I finished making dinner, I walked to the station to meet Yukari on her way home. That way we could go to the store together and walk home. On the way out of the apartment to the station, I noticed the hallway lights of our apartment were off. It then dawned on me how to fix the internet being down.

After I got home with Yukari, I found the breaker box for the lights outside of the apartment (basically, in front of each door, to make it easy to see at night). Luckily, it was not locked, so I opened it and as I suspected, the breaker was in the off position. I flipped it on, and all the lights turned on. I went back inside our apartment and looked at the router, and it was connected!

So, I was able to fix the internet and lights not only for myself, but anybody else living in the apartment. If I hadn’t done that, it would have required the telephone company to come out and see the electricity is out and then they would flip the switch. So I saved some time and a trip out for the phone company… perhaps I should send them a bill! Also, it means that anyone can VERY easily turn off the internet for all the people in the apartment… Hrmph.