The Jon

Dinner in Roppongi

┬áSince I work in Roppongi, we usually don’t go there much at night, but we wanted to see a new movie called 20th Century Boys. So we went to the movie theater and saw the movie. It was good and Yukari liked it too! I read the manga earlier this year, so I already know the story but it is fun to watch as a real movie (not animated). Plus, I have already forgotten some parts of it.

So after the movie was over, we headed out to a restraunt. Back in April, I won the super star award at work. Turned out to not be much of a big deal.. I ended up with a 5,000 yen ($50?)  certificate to use at a restraunt in Roppongi Hills. So, we decided to finally use it and went to a restraunt called Xen. They had lots of types of food, but we were mainly interested in the sushi. In addition to the normal sushi, they had special rolls. Most of these were initially from America I believe. But we have never tried them, so we gave them a try and they were pretty good! Take a look at the pictures we have at Flickr. Feel free to write a comment as well!