The Jon

Hawaiian Wedding Day 2

All photos for Day 2 available here.

The original plan for the second day was to wake up early enough to climb Diamondhead and see the sunrise. Since Lark and Jim missed their flight on the first day, we decided to wait until Tuesday morning for that. So instead of getting up at 5am, I got up at 6:30am. I still had to pick up the rental car at 8am, and would have to take a bus to the place since Lark wasn’t there to drive me.After I got the car with my dad, we returned to the hotel where me and Yukari and her family got ready to leave for the outlet. In the lobby we ran into my dad and made some quick introductions since we were running to the outlet and my dad was running (walking 45 minutes is more like it) off to church. Since Lark wasn’t there with a second car, I had to take two trips to the outlet. Once with all of Yukari’s family, and then once with just my mom. Turned out I didn’t miss that much. Yukari’s family was in one store the whole time, so it worked out nicely. So, all 6 of us were finally at the outlet and I ended up buying some new shirts. My mom got one for my cousin as well. I forget what else we bought, wasn’t too much.

Then we grabbed some lunch, which turned out to be too much. The “mini” size was larger than most portions you get at places in Japan. After that, I went to get a prepaid cell phone. I found out the one that our travel agent got us, the word “free” was not quite accurate. The phone was free, but it was $1.25 a minute for every call. So I got a Virgin Mobile phone for $20 plus 200 minutes for another $20. It was cheaper this way if I was gonna to use the phone for like 36 minutes.Then off to the bookstore and KMart. We ended up hanging out in the area till after it was closed. Since we had more people than would fit in the car, we had to wait for Lark to arrive and come get us. Which she finally did. We loaded up into the 2 cars after she got there, and went off to the top of a small mountain/big hill. From there we could see all of Honolulu. The pictures we took don’t justify how nice of a view it was from up there.

For dinner, the 9 of us went to The Cheesecake Factory for dinner. Service was so-so, but I was able to get Lark a birthday sundae. The wedding was going to be in the morning the next day, and everyone was a bit tired so we called it an early night to end the second day.