The Jon

Hawaiian Wedding Day 3

All pictures for this day are available here. NOTE: Pictures of the wedding ceremony will be uploaded as soon as we get them from the photographer.

Finally the big day arrived! The wedding was going to start at 9am, so all of us had to get up early to start getting ready. Yukari was the first one up, slightly before 5am. I was a bit groggy still, but got up at 5:30am to go buy some breakfast for her. Then I met everyone for breakfast at IHOP. After that it was my turn to get ready. I got my tuxedo on as Yukari finished up with her hair, makeup and dress. It was the first time for me to see her in the wedding dress, and she looked really beautiful!We went down to the lobby, where our limo was waiting for us. All of our family was already there, so they got to see what we looked like and take lots of pictures as we climbed into the limo and drove off to the chapel.

When we arrived at the chapel, everyone was already there, so they could get more pictures of us as we got out of the limo this time. We met the man that would be taking the video of everything, and started to get our pictures taken. We did a quick rehersal with me, Yukari, and her dad. It was mainly for pictures, so hopefully we got some nice pictures! After rehearsal was done, it was time to get ready and do the real wedding with everyone watching!

By this time I was a bit nervous, so my main goal was to not pee my pants…  which was actually a difficult task to accomplish. Next task was to make sure I didn’t goof up. I think I goofed up the vows. All I had to do was repeat what the minister said, but I missed a few words at one time I think. In the end, the wedding was good and I think only my mom cried for a brief moment. I won’t talk too much about that, but if you want a copy of the DVD let me know and I can send one to you.After the ceremony was over, we had some cake and a toast with champagne. Then it was off for some more pictures. We have lots of pictures and a great video of this, so that can describe it more than words here. Let me just say that I think it was a great wedding and was so happy to have such a wedding with a beautiful bride!

After everyone went back to the hotel by limo, we got ready and went out for our reception lunch. We had a course lunch, with cake and some special things planned. Yukari made a book with information about everyone and messages that we got from friends and family. We also had a slideshow of pictures from when Yukari and I were growing up, up until this year. Yukari also made some nametags for the places to sit and it looked great. Plus we exchanged gifts… just take a look at all the pictures to see what I’m talking about!

After the reception, we took it easy for the rest of the day. We all went to Waikiki beach, and I stayed to swim with my dad as lark sat on the beach. Yukari and her family went out to a shopping center. Afterwards, we were going to go get some drinks, but Yukari was pretty tired from a long and stressful day (we still had more pictures to do the next day actually), so she went to bed early. Me, my dad and Lark went to an interesting bar near the hotel. The MaiTais were cheap during Happy Hour, so me and Lark enjoyed them. We also played a few games of darts (I won all of them ;)).

Our wedding was over, so it was a huge relief. The next day would be our beach photos, and after that it would be all freetime for us to enjoy whatever activities we had planned!