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Hawaiian Wedding Day 5

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The start of our 5th day was a bit later than most of the days, instead of 5am we got up at 6am so we could leave between 7:30am and 8:00am.  After breakfast, all of us got into two cars and started our trip around Oahu. Not long after getting out of Waikiki, we stopped at Koko Crater for some pictures and to see the view.

We got back into the car and within 5 minutes we were out for pictures again. This time the location was Hanauma Bay, which provided us with a great view of within the bay, and then out into the ocean as well. We heard that going snorkeling here was the best place on Oahu, so we decided to come here on early Friday morning to do some. I checked about the time it opened and asked about rental snorkeling equipment. After I got that information, it was back on the road.

The next spot was fairly close again, Halona Blowhole. It wasn’t really blowing at the time, but we got to see a little bit. Plus the view was spectacular. In the wintertime, this is supposed to be a good place for whale watching. If we were there a month later, we would have most likely have seen some whales there.  We also stopped at a few places along the way that offered some interesting views. Just take a look at all the pictures to see what I’m talking about.

We made a point to stop in Lanikai at Lanikai Juice to get some juice. Jim loved this place and wanted to go back there. Little did he know that I was planning to go there twice! The juice was great as expected.

Next up was the Makapuu Lighthouse. I drove past the driveway to enter the parking lot, so we ended up not doing the hike up there. Which actually worked out well since we had such a busy schedule still. We did stop along the coast when we started heading north, and we could see the lighthouse from the road. So we at least saw it.

After that it was off for lunch! Of course we were planning to get some shrimp from a Shrimp Truck. We were driving until we found Giovanni’s Shrimp Truck. This was the first shrimp truck in Oahu, and they had some great garlic shrimp. I also bought a coconut to drink, and then when I was done they cut it up so I could eat the coconut as well. Anyways, take a look at this shrimp, it was very good:

Once we were full of shrimp, we got back into the car and headed up to Laniakea Beach to the see sea turtles that are supposed to always be there. When we arrived, there were two large sea turtles hanging out on the beach. They didn’t move much, but it was still a sight to see.

Figuring that all the driving and walking to see the turtles burned some of the shrimp, we headed to Matsumoto’s Shaved Ice. Very different than normal shaved ice… it is very fine and they mix it with ice cream so it gets a nice creamy taste to go with the flavored syrup. Plus it is quite colorful.

After that, it was off to Sunset Beach to get a good spot to watch the sunset. As one would expect in Hawaii, it was a beautiful sunset. While we were there, a dog came up to us, so we were playing with that dog for awhile. We never did figure whose dog it was though.

Since it was getting dark, we decided to drive around a bit and find a restaurant. We ended up choosing a Mexican restaurant that had some Hawaiin fluence.

This was a very busy day, and we saw so many different places so we were a bit tired. But if you are going to be in Hawaii, you don’t want to be wasting your time around the hotel (which we didn’t get any chance to do anways). Well, I hope you enjoyed hearing about this day (or recalling it, if you were with us) and hope you enjoy all the pictures.