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Hawaiian Wedding Day 6

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I think our 6th day we got to sleep in a little bit. If I recall correctly, we left the hotel around 7:30 or 8:00am, which was late for us! We got all our beach gear packed into the car and left Waikiki for Lanikai Beach. We took the short and direct route through the middle of the island, which meant we would pass Pali Lookout. I figured it would be a good spot since no one has been there yet. We were dressed for the beach, and this lookout spot was a bit windy and chilly, but it offered a great view of the eastern shoreline.

Day 6 continued all the fun we had! Pali Lookout, We went to Lanikai Beach, then next door to Kailua Beach. From there we rented some kayaks and went out and had fun in the ocean and even did some snorkeling. After that it was off to the Luau! Sunset. Dinner.

After getting enough of the view we head straight to Lanikai Beach! The sand at this beach is so fine and feels so good to walk on. Plus it is almost never crowded, so it felt like it was our own private beach. Everyone enjoyed seeing what the top ranked beach in America was like.  When we go back to Hawaii next time, I definitely want to rent a beach house in this area, that is right next to the beach. Just wake up and go out to this beach and see the sunrise or swim or just relax on it.

Although Lanikai is so beautiful, there isn’t a whole lot to do there. Which I guess is why it is always so empty. So, we got back in the car and drove to the beach that is right next door to Lanikai Beach, Kailua Beach. This is a bit bigger and more crowded, but has some things to do. We were planning on getting a kayak and spending the morning doing that. So we got some sunscreen on (I didn’t put enough on my legs though), and went to find a kayak. After we got it rented, rolled it down to the beach, me and Lark launched the first one. Then Yukari and her sister launched the second one. It was the first time for Lark and Yukari’s sister to ever be in a kayak.

As we passed our family that was on the beach, somehow they could recognize us and were waving. My mom was on the beach danching and jumping around as she waved at us. We then kayaked to one smallish island (which is actually a bird sanctuary). Walked around and took some pictures. We saw lots of rock crabs and some kind of rainbow fish. After that it was off to another island, this time it was about a 45 minute kayak trip. Along the way, Lark and I got a big surprise! A sea turtle was swimming in the water near us, and it actually almost swam into us. I stuck my camera in the water, aimed blindly and clicked the shutter button. Here is what I got, you can see the turtle somewhat.

When we got to the island, I did some snorkeling for the first time ever! There were a few fish, and they did look beautiful. So it was a good experience, but I knew Hanauma Bay would be much better.  Maybe I snorkled for around 15 minutes, and then we decided it was time to go back and head into town to get some lunch. We were running a bit short on time, but everything worked out OK. I even had time to get a little desert from the Lanikai Juice store. Jim of course got another fruit smoothie.

After lunch it was time to head back to our hotel and get changed for the Luau! The Luau was at Paradise Cove, which just happened to be right next to the chapel we got married at. When we arrived at the Luau, it was just in time for the sunset! So we got to see another beautiful sunset in Hawaii.

After the sunset, they started to have the shows and it was time to get ready for dinner. They had a huge dinner buffet for us!

After dinner the show continued on for a bit more, it was good, but I was getting a bit tired so I got a little bit of shuteye during the show :P After all that, I drove back to the hotel and think I stayed up for a little bit more before hitting the hay. Another long day, but as much fun as every other day was!