The Jon

28th Birthday Dinner

It isn’t quite my birthday yet, but next weekend we will be going out with Yukari’s family, so Yukari celebrated my birthday a week early by taking me out on Sunday night. So, we got ready and left around 2:30pm to go to Ginza and take a look around at some stores first. Yukari found a few nice things to buy, so we got those… I didn’t find anything this time though. It has been awhile since we went to Ginza together, so it was nice to walk around and see all the stores and walk together.

When it got close to dinner time, we left the store and started walking towards the place that was on the map. Yukari kept the name of the restaurant a secret from me, so she could surprise me. We walked past many nice places, but apparently she had an even better place picked out! When she said, “This is it!” we walked up some stairs that had a lot of tropical fish in an aquarium at the entrance of the restaurant. She then told the staff she had a reservation, and they took us to our table.

As soon as we walked into the restaurant, you could see a huge aquarium that was inside the place. Maybe it was actually 2 big ones, and then one HUGE one that ran almost the length of the room. Our seat was by where all the yellow tropical fish were, and I saw some fish that I was able to see when we went snorkeling in Hawaii. Yukari must have remembered how much fun I had while I was snorkeling! :D


Oh yeah, and the food was really good too. Just take a look at all the pictures we have. All of the food was so good, it is hard to say what my favorite was. Plus it was all you can drink, so I had around 4 glasses of wine. Yukari had lots of different drinks as well, so it was all good.

For desert, they brought out a cake that had my name written on a cookie in chocolate, and had a sparkler in it as well. In addition to the cake, they had a bottle of wine they gave me to take home that said “Happy Birthday to Jon” on the label. The cake was very good, not too sweet, and I’m saving the wine for later. My wife sure knows what I like!


After dinner we went to a nearby place and played 5 games of pool. Yukari won 4, and I only won one. :( I’ll have to get my revenge on her later!!

Here is a slideshow of the pictures, enjoy!