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Valentines Day

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Today was Valentine’s Day! It was such a warm day actually, it went up to 24 degrees C (75 F)! We went out to Ueno for lunch and the afternoon, and didn’t even need a coat. Lots of people were walking around in T-Shirts today actually. While we were in Ueno Park, we got to see some of the early blooming cherry blossoms, like this one:

Couldn't believe it was still Feburary

When we got home later in the day, Yukari started getting dinner ready. I was working on the computer while she was laboring in the kitchen. She shut the door so I couldn’t see what was going on. When I was finally allowed to go into the kitchen, here is what I saw:

Ice wine was sooooo good! We always get white one, but this time we got rose.

Looks really good huh? You can take a look at the set of pictures on Flickr to see the details Yukari wrote about each thing she made. She really is a great cook, everything tasted terrific!

And of course, what would VDay be without some chocolate? Yukari handmade some truffles, they were soooo good as always. I even saved some for tomorrow :) She also made some strawberry ice cream dessert, very nice as well.

Strawberry ice cream dessert

I’m lucky to have such a great wife that makes all this just for me! She always spoils me too much :D