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Hawaiian Wedding Day 9

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Wow, I meant to write this sooner, but I just never got around to it. The 9th day of our wedding trip to Hawaii was actually one of the most exciting. As I said in the previous entry, Hawaiian Wedding Day 8, we just arrived in Maui for the first time. The first day was spent mainly around the hotel resort area. Of course it was fun, but on this day, we were going to go on the Road to Hana.

The previous night we went to bed a little early because we were planning on getting up a little before 6am. We wanted to leave as early as possible so we could see as much as we could. The Road to Hana is famous for having such wonderful sights, including tons of waterfalls. Unfortunately, there were some issues getting my new wife up. But we were able to leave for breakfast fairly early and were one of the first people there. Speaking of breakfast… it was sooo nice! They had almost anything that you would want to eat for breakfast. Plus a chef was there to make your eggs any way you want! They also had some really good tea, some kinda spices mixed with cinnamon.


That is me and some of our breakfast! It was a buffet style, so I had a little more than this. After breakfast was over, we went back to our room to get ready for the start of our trip. We got a decent start, and our first stop was to see the Nakalele Blowhole.


It is hard to come at the right time, but it was shooting up a fair bit, as you can see in that picture. I wanted to walk down further in that area, it is known as the Acid War Zone and supposed to have some fairly bizarre rock formations due to the flying salt water eroding the rocks. It looked a bit wet, and the big waves this day were a little threatening,  so I passed on it… for this time. But will definitely check it out the next time I’m in Maui ;) After this, we did make one stop nearby. You could see the blowhole from there as well, plus it started to rain and there was a rainbow.

That was one thing I found interesting about Maui. The weather could change so easily. Within a span of 5 minutes, it can go from clear and sunny, to a downpour, and then back to clear and sunny! It made driving with a convertible a bit difficult, but we managed :)

Next stop was a place that had some natural pools. The tour guide book I bought said that on calm days, you can actually enter the water here and relax while you see the ocean. This day was far from calm, and the waves were crashing and making the pool overflow. So I didn’t feel like going in it :P But got fairly close and it was just nice to watch.


Now to continue further down this road, the map showed an area that had a dotted line. Apparently it gets narrow and dangerous in this area, so if something happens, the rental car insurance does not come in effect. Basically, drive at your own risk. Naturally, I couldn’t turn this down! And let me tell you, the road was VERY narrow, in addition to it being a mountain. As if that wasn’t enough, there was also oncoming traffic to deal with. I was too busy navigating this road, but Yukari took a video of what it was like:

How was that? There was a small town along the way, and a place was selling some food stuff there. We stopped and we bought some freshly made banana bread. We also got some coconut candy from there. It is kinda hard to describe, but it was very good. The name of the place was Julie’s Banana Bread. I would highly recommend it to anyone that happens to be there! And you can always order it online as well (if you live in the US). After that we continued driving, and made a short stop in the town of Paia. The Road to Hana starts from here, so we were finally getting close. This is also the area where all of the waterfalls start! I did make a wrong turn at one point, and we ended up driving through a pineapple farm. But after getting our bearings back, we stopped at our first waterfall. It was a small one, and we had to hike through some mud to find it. I guess a lot of the water was being siphoned off for the sugar plants… hard to see but here it is:


Guess you just had to be there, huh? Driving on the road was so nice, but the thing to keep in mind is that although this is called the road to hana, the actual destination is not Hana. There really is no destination, you should just drive and stop at all the places to see what Maui has to offer. Once you get to Hana, there isn’t much there (other than the red sand beach), so don’t be in a hurry to just drive the road to get to the destination. You will be disappointed. Of course,  I already knew that so we stopped at many places along the way. I think if I continue talking about it, I would just show every picture we took! So, some of the highlights were:

- Seeing the youngest parts of Maui, the newish lava of the coast is still being shaped by the power of the ocean

- Lots of waterfalls in nooks and crannies of the island

- LARGE waterfalls!

- Lots of old bridges that are the lifeline for people living in this area

- Blacksand beach (there was a black cat there too!)

- Just the beautiful green color of Maui everywhere.

- Driving the road in a convertible when it is starting to get dark is fun. No slow cars in front of you!

The book said not to drive in this area when it gets close to dark, but as long as you are a good driver, you should be fine. Even when it was getting dark, there were no major issues… just don’t drive off the cliff I guess ;) So here is a good picture I took of Yukari:


I know I’m good! Oh, and if you do decide to go… make sure to bring some junky clothes, as you will get muddy hiking around going to see the hidden waterfalls. Unfortunately, I wasn’t prepared well enough so I missed on some good ones, because I didn’t want to get too dirty. There were some people that literally got covered in mud (they slipped and fell face first in a mud puddle). I can’t wait to go back and do this again! Who wants to go with me? :D

We got back to our resort in time for a somewhat late dinner. We were going to go to a restaurant, but it had an hour long wait! We just decided to go back to our room and get some more room service. This time I got a pizza, and Yukari got a shrimp cocktail and some Maui Onion Rings. Once again very good, and gotta love being able to eat on the sofa in your suite room! Here is a pic of our dinner:


This was going to be our last night in Hawaii, so it was a bit sad, but it was such a memorable day. Check out our pictures to see what else we saw, cuz there was just too much to write about here. This is already pretty long… so I will close for now. I still have our last day to write about, so check back!