The Jon

Visiting the States

As most of you know, I was in the US from August 26th to September 5th, and ended up catching a cold so I haven’t been able to upload the pictures and write this. I’m starting to feel a bit better now, so figured it was time to start this. All the pictures are online here.

[Slideshow of all the pictures here]

We were planning on going to the states in July, but had to reschedule that since Yukari is pregnant. Instead, we went to Guam which is a bit closer and at the time didn’t have anything to worry about the swine flu. So, I rescheduled the trip to August and ended up going by myself. I had a busy schedule planned. Fly into Chicago, and go to my dad’s house in Indiana. Stay there 2 nights, then leave early Friday morning and fly into Cleveland and be at my uncle Eugene’s house. Then fly to Minneapolis on Monday, and stay at my aunt Lark’s new house in Wisconsin. Then fly back to Chicago on Wednesday night and stay in Indiana until Saturday morning. Of the 9 days I was in the US, I was in a Chicago airport 5 of those days!

Since I was flying into Chicago my first day, my dad took me out for some Chicago style pizza, which was very filling but good.

I wanted to get some Chicago-style Deep Dish pizza, so my dad picked me up from Midway and took me out for some pizza

In Cleveland, it was my Aunt Janice’s birthday so we all celebrated that. My cousin Sam enjoyed playing video games, so I made sure to play a bunch with him ;) I went to Toy’s R Us and bought a bunch of things for the baby. My mom and Eugene gave me some things as well to take back home for the baby. On the last full day I was there my Aunt Sara drove over to visit all of us.


After that, I went to Minnesota/Wisconsin and went to my Aunt Lark’s new house. While there I made sure to eat lots of cheese and drink plenty of beer. I even had some cheese beer soup one day! Lark and Chanda gave me many presents to take back and I had a hard time squeezing them all into my small carry-on suitcase, but manged to get them all.  I also got to see my cousin’s children that are getting bigger now. Yukari gave them some presents and they liked them so much!

Lucita with her Hello Kitty bag that Yukari got for her

After being there for a few days, I went back to Indiana. I played a bunch with Sassy, and my dad took me out to the lake there. So I got some kayaking and sailboating in.

Doing some kayaking on the lake

I had a fun time and was happy to see so much of my family. Next time I go back, I’ll have a little girl (not Yukari!) that I will have to bring as well :D