The Jon

4D Sonogram

I never heard of a 4D sonogram, let alone a 3D sonogram, until Yukari said that she wanted to get one done. In case you haven’t heard of one either, it is a video of a 3D sonogram. We went to a doctor’s office in Tokyo to get it done a few weeks ago, but just got around to putting it up online. In the video you can see the face of the baby, and that is how it will look when it is born. So here is what our baby’s face looks like:


In the video, you could see her moving around a lot. Sometimes drinking the fluid, sometimes playing with her nose. The doctor was saying that since there isn’t a whole lot to do in there, most babies like to touch their face because it has some bumps (nose, mouth, etc) and that it finds it interesting. So we got to see the baby play with her nose a lot! Then sometimes would just fall asleep. Anyways, here is a short clip. If you want to see the whole video (20 min) send me a note and I’ll e-mail you the link.

And here is the one of her drinking the amino fluids:

By the next time I wrote here, we hope to have the baby’s name decided!