The Jon

Camcorder & Web Camera

A few weeks ago I bought a camcorder so I can take lots of videos and show them to my family. I ended up going with the latest Sony Handycam. It can record in 1080i (wish it was 1080p, would make converting to videos for watching over the net better),  has 32GB internal flash memory, nightvision, 3-way shake canceling (I really need this!), and a GPS receiver so it can be used while traveling as a GPS map, and automatically convert to the local timezone. Here is a picture of what it looks like:

Sony HDR-CX500

I also ordered a web camera, so we can do video chats on the internet. I actually got it for free using some of the points I’ve saved up on Full Tilt Poker (Signed up with Rakeback at Deuces Cracked)

Here is what it looks like!


So only a few more weeks until the expected date, but once the baby is born expect lots of videos :D