The Jon

Becoming a Father

Since it has been a little more than 2 months since Leah was born, I figured it was time to write an update. I never did actually get around to making a post about Leah’s birth, so I think that will be a good place to start. Even though more than 2 months has passed, I still remember everything about that day as if it were yesterday, so I’ll make a cup of hot cocoa and type this up.


On November 19th, I went to work and like every other day for the past few weeks, was ready to go back home the instant Yukari called to tell me the contractions started. I was sitting in a meeting talking with some people around 10:30am and saw that Yukari e-mailed me telling me that her mucous plug came out, so I was getting all excited! Later on she felt a bit different so she was gonna go to the hospital and get looked at. Around 4 in the afternoon she e-mailed me and said she was gonna stay in the hospital. Of course by then I was trying to get her to tell me if I should leave work or not, but her replies were slow. I guess she was talking with the doctor or something. Finally I got a hold of her on the phone and she said I can come, but nothing was gonna happen until the next morning most likely.

So I left work around 6pm and got to her hospital an hour or so before visiting hours was up. She seemed to be doing fine… just like any other day. She was eating her dinner and talking like normal. I got a few last pics of her being pregnant, here is one of them:

I had contracions already, but it wasn't too bad at all. I even had dinner.

As you can see, she is being her silly self. Visiting hours were ending, and they said I could stay if I want, but it would most likely be an uneventful night. If something happened, they had my cell phone number and would call me. So I headed back home and got some dinner. I had a bit trouble sleeping, but ended up falling asleep around 11 or so. I put my phone next to me and made sure the ringer was turned up, so I wouldn’t sleep through it.

While I was asleep, Yukari sent me a few e-mails, which I did sleep through. Around 12:50am her water broke and around 3:00am her contractions were 4-5 minutes apart. I think I woke up around 2am and saw the water broke message, so posted an excited message on twitter/facebook and then dozed back off because her next email said she was gonna sleep so don’t e-mail please.

I was woken up by the noise of my cell phone ringing around 4:15am and Yukari was on the phone. She sounded like she was in a bit of pain and having some trouble breathing. She said I should come to the hospital now. So I jumped out of bed, threw some clothes on, put my contacts in and left the house in a total of 10 minutes. The street was quite empty, and I was excited, so I was probably driving a lil bit over the speed limit. I made it to he hospital by 4:35am, so a total of 10 min. Along the way, I kept thinking that I was going to the hospital to watch the birth of my daughter. Quite exciting thoughts!

I pulled into the hospital and went to the back door entrance and had to get buzzed in. Since it was so early, the hospital was rather dark and quiet. I walked up to the second floor and a nurse took me to where Yukari was. When I saw Yukari, she was laying in bed and wasn’t looking like she was just 8 hours before. She was having some painful contractions, so I held her hand and helped her breath through the contractions like I learned in the class we went to. They also had a monitor setup to monitor Leah’s heart rate to make sure she wasn’t in any duress.

After only what felt like a short time, the nurse said it was time to go to the labor room. From there it would probably take a few hours, so it was looking like it was gonna be a bit before Leah made her appearance. While we were walking to the labor room, Yukari had a contraction and had to stop walking and grab an armrail to support her. I was worried about her falling over, but the nurse was on one side and the wall on the other, so it was ok. When we got to the labor room, the nurse told me to wait while they get her ready.

So I waited outside, and it was taking a bit more than I thought it would. I think I pulled out my cell phone and was gonna make a pot on my twitter. I wasn’t sure what to write, so I just put my phone back in my pocket and paced in front of the door waiting for them to let me in. When the nurse finally appeared, she told me to put on a gown and we’ll go into the delivery room! I was a bit surprised because I was expecting to spend a few hours in the labor room. So I put on my gown, and went into the delivery room to see Yukari laying down and 2 nurses and the doctor getting ready. It was time for Leah to start her journey out into the world!

After all the preparations ¬†were done, the nurse told Yukari to get ready to start pushing. The only thing I was there for was to support Yukari, so I did the only thing I could do. Grab her hand, and put it on the handles and when she started to push, I made sure her head was pointed downwards. That was what I was taught to do, and I think I did a good job at it. After one push, the doctor said the baby was coming out. It didn’t quite dawn on me that the head was coming out, but that is what he meant. The nurse was telling Yukari to open her eyes, but she wasn’t in the mood, so I helped her open her eyes with my hand!

And it was a good thing I did, because the next thing I knew was that Leah’s head was sticking out! Only from the neck up was out, and the doctor was holding her head, which seemed rather limp. It was also gray colored, which surprised me a bit. Yukari still hadn’t realized that Leah was coming out, and she pushed once more… it was a bit longer than the first push, but with the second push Leah came completely out at 5:33am. The doctor was busy getting the umbilical cord cut and Yukari was asking about if it was a girl, while I was waiting to her here make her first cry. Time seemed to have stopped, and it was forever before she cried… but in reality it was probably less than 5 seconds.

The nurse held Leah up to Yukari and Yukari held Leah’s foot for a little bit while Leah was crying. Then the nurse took Leah off to be under some blankets. I was a bit surprised that they took her away from Yukari and didn’t bring her back. Yukari ended up staying in the delivery room for a few more hours to sleep. Meanwhile I gave Yukari a kiss and said goodbye, and headed out to the hallway. A few minutes later a nurse brought out Leah for me to see her. She wasn’t crying and I held touched her and told her that she was so cute! Then the nurse put her in a bed in the nursery and I took the first picture ever of Leah, exactly 20 minutes after she was born:

Leah Claire Keating : Born Nov 20th, 2009 at 5:33am : 20 minutes old

Shortly after taking this picture, I headed back home and Yukari’s mom greeted me at the door. So I said the good news and she was so happy that she almost cried! And I showed the above picture, because that was all that I had to show. Then I went up to my room and called everyone in my family to tell them the news! Then it was on the computer to write everywhere that I had become a father of the such a cute girl named Leah Claire Keating.

That about sums up the experience of becoming a father. I’ll have some more updates coming, but am a bit tired after typing all this. So, until next time!